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Gucci bag for ladies from these week

I only need to assume that all the real premium celebrity photos of Amanda Borgie for her Oscar post for this week because I have a very real actor, uh, handbag gathered up to come. There are still a few names you know, but at least one or two of […]


These bags will determine the handbag market in 2017

By the end of the year most of the Internet selection reviews took place in the previous 12 months, although we certainly liked to do also seem to be an appropriate time to look forward to what we can expect in 2017. Let us look at these stories on the […]


It is worth paying special attention : Hottest Bags in the World

Fendi DotCom Bag This new bag starts strong, the fall brings a smaller version of the chain with the right size and sure to continue to win the bag lover. Fendi can do wrong these days. Chanel Boy Bag As far as designs that haven’t been around for decades go, […]


Mansur Gavriel Style Continues to Gain Steam with Models

So far, we have recently discovered two lovely models carrying the same Mansour Gavriel bag. Last week, it seems that Gigi Hadid’s random whim, but this week, Karlie Klaus also carries the ladies bag. This may be a coincidence – after all, Soho pop-up boutique brands have an open now, […]

Mansur Gavriel

Reviewing Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch in 2016

This review is about Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch. The new Mansur Gavriel Volume Clutch is a hot, new, handheld handbag style from iconic handbag design team Mansur Gavriel. This vintage inspired, frame clutch was introduced for the first time in the spring 2016 season during fashion week, and it is already […]

Mansur Gavriel’s


This bag is vintage style and make with classic design. When I first laid eyes on Mansur Gavriel’s collection of circle bags, I fell in love. They are simple, and minimalist, yet completely different from your everyday handbag. I love the vintage vibe, and original styling. The Mansur Gavriel Circle […]

Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag


This summer, Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag has came out the new bag. Let’s start with the color combinations. Like Mansur Gavriel’s famous drawstring bucket bag, the Lady Bag, in both the small and large sizes, offers bi-color styling. The Lady Bag features the same contrasting interior/exterior that Mansur Gavriel fans […]