The Best And Cool Wallets For Teen Boys 2016

Best And Cool Wallets

Teenage boy also need to pay attention to the purse, because the wallet itself is merely a cash and coin holder. This small project is proved to be an integral tool, the boys here every day. A good wallet is not only somewhere to accommodate your essentials likes cash and cards but also a requisite accessory that, alongside with your cloth, make you either becomes a dignified gentlemen or a stylish cool young man.

As mentioned above, a wallet plays an important part in showing boys’ style and elegance, as well as attracting people’s attention. And thank for the exponential growth of male fashion industry, there is a numerous collection of wallets different in brands, materials, designs and durability out there for guys to choose. However, this also raises a question how to find the best wallet which both enhance your image and satisfy your demand among various ones? Let’s take a look through our collection of Best and cool Wallets For teen Boys to find out the one that will be your smartest choice.

01. Fox Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet

Fox Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet
Start this collection is one basic and simply white wallet with plain design for its surface – the Fox Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet. Made of 100% Full Grain Leather, it features the long durability and high quality that you can experience when sliding your fingers on the premium surface. It is interesting to note that the teenage boy wallet allows individuals to gently with the hand washing, or only need to take a soft cloth to wipe off dirt on the surface.
Designed as some bi-fold wallets for men and women, this one contains one full-length compartment, 6 slots for credit cards and one ID window for convenient checking. To highlight the uniqueness of this product, Fox Leather does not forget to add the Fox head logo at the corner.

02. Dynomighty Men’s Anole Mighty Wallet

Dynomighty Men’s Anole Mighty Wallet
In these cool boy wallet, Mighty wallet is a famous brand, to provide long-term sustained and recycled products, better than others. Similar to other designs, this Dynomighty Men’s Anole Mighty Wallet is made of 100% Other Fibers, one strange material which features the tear and water resistant after a hard use. Besides, customers are allowed to wash gently with hand or using a damp cloth.

With the size measured roughly 3.9 x 3.4 x 0.2 inches, it contains compartment for storing cash and important cards. Designed as some bi-fold wallets for men and women, it focuses on making use of the micro fiber material for the slim construction. Interestingly, this collection of Mighty Wallet is an ideal option when offering a wide range of pictures and patterns for individuals.

03. Nike Basic Wallet

Nike Basic Wallet
Has been known as the famous brand in the market, Nike not only offers shoes, but also accessories including wallet for men and women. With this Nike Basic Wallet, the premium canvas will help your wallet withstand the light rain or water to protect your stuff effectively. In terms of construction, it has a unique Nike through pure black fashion design, and a small sewing stitches on the appearance of Nike.

About the dimension, it is measured H 9cm x 13 W cm including one huge compartments, one zippered pockets for storing your coins and 6 slots for credit cards and coupons. While some designs of wallet often cause individuals worry about losing their cash, this one appears with one Velcro strap closure to offer high protection.

04. Ikepod Hide & Carry Wallet

Ikepod Hide & Carry Wallet
If you like the color of steel and simple design, so it would be a pity, if you miss this Ikepod hidden & carry purses (5 color). Combined with 100% full grain Italy and green vegetables, these cool boy wallet has long-term durability and elegant performance, used for different types of occasions.

With the dimension measured roughly 4.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches, it contains one huge compartment, 7 slots for credit cards or Micro SD. Offer the modern and minimalist design, it is considered as one of the best cool slim wallets for men this 2016 with the masculine performance of bright steel. To help individuals get rid of being robbed by pickpocketers, it allows you to protect the stuff with RFID BLOCKING Function that can spread all over the world. Understand that customers may feel disappoint with the product, Ikepod offers 2 years warranty for you to return within this period of time.

05. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Millennium Falcon Brown Bi-Fold Wallet

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Millennium Falcon Brown Bi-Fold Wallet
Many boys often attracted to all types of movies, including cartoon, action and fantasy, such as Star Wars. If you are the fans of the movie, you are looking for a wallet this model, the Star Wars rebel alliance one thousand falcon is brown double fold wallet you are looking for one.

Designed as some bifold wallets for men and women, it contains one full-length compartment, one transparent ID window, three horizontal and two vertical slots for credit cards. Since this one have not been purchased by customers, why don’t give it a try and share with us?

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