15 Ways to Look Stylish In a Turtleneck


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How to Wear a Turtleneck

Getty Images: Melodie Jeng, James Devaney

Photo Credit: Getty Images: Melodie Jeng, James Devaney

February 23, 2017.

​Somewhat inexplicably, turtlenecks have become a vital wardrobe once again. Spurred by celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and Gisele Bundchen—we’re suddenly quite positive we can’t go another day without a range of turtlenecks to wear over, under and every which way.

If you’re wondering how to wear a turtleneck like one of these street style stars, we’ve got you. We rounded up 15 different inspiring ways to wear a turtleneck sweater or t-shirt with just about anything.

Whether you want to wear a chunky sweater with a silky skirt or dress or tuck a ribbed knit into your favorite vintage-inspired jeans, just remember it’s not as hard as you think. (In fact, ti will look totally breezy and casual, trust us!)

To avoid going broke investing in knits, try shops like Zara, Topshop and Madewell to find affordable sweaters that have a trendy edge.

Ahead, get inspired with 15 different ways to wear a turtleneck now (and into the spring, too)!

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