The Ultimate Guide To The Breitling Navitimer Review

Breitling — a brand synonymous with aircraft and flight. Before it made itself an important bit of a pilot’s toolbox, it made dash clocks for military and planes chronographs watches. But none of them are as famous as the Navitimer.The most renowned pilot’s view of all, and possibly among the […]

charming spy wore a Breitling watch

Sean Connery loved his Rolexes, but it does not prevent him from getting James Bond watches. 2002. This might raise some eyebrows out of hardcore fans of this manufacturer. Yes, it’s two subdials, but it looks a whole lot chunkier than a watch. The dial was a result of the […]

Discover hight quality Breitling watches

There are very watches in the world which are capable of setting as bold an impression as Breitling watches. The level of quality that the company has ever delivered in its own Korean watches is beyond amazing. The proliferation of the copies that you discover in the marketplace are also […]