10 Handbags Which Are Perfect For Work

Depending on how formal your office is, there are many different styles of bags that can perfectly complete your Monday through Friday wardrobe. Structured tote bags are the easiest choice, but crossbody bags, backpacks and even bucket bags can work as well. Finding the best bag for work isn’t always […]

Enjoy 5 Fashion Handbags

Now I will share 5 fashion handbags with you. Enjoy them! Louis Vuitton Twist MM. Louis Vuitton gets the prize for the cleverest fastening around, an L and a V that synch ­together. The Twist is a great little bag that actually isn’t half as little as it looks: it […]

Fendi,Marni,Chanel, Gucci And Other Bag Investments

As we all know, the handbag has become a key signifier for the modern woman. Which is precisely why shopping for one of the luxury variety can be overwhelming. Now I am going to share with you my 5 winners but, first up, some approach work. How best to shop […]

Handbags – Fail-proof Shopping For Mother’s Day

If there is one holiday while you want your gift to be just right, it has to be Mother’s Day. Particularly in part of our world, Mother’s Day is a major celebration. People want to be sure they let their moms and madres know they are cherished and adored. However […]

Christian Louboutin Launched New Africaba Bag

What calls for special attention is that French brand Christian Louboutin has launched new handbag. The 53-year-old French luxury footwear designer – who is recognised for his signature red patent sole footwear- has joined forces with his friend to Valérie Schlumberger and the French charity La Maison Rose to launch […]

5 Best Handbags For Work

Finding the best bag for work isn’t always easy—and can get expensive. Ideally, a bag that you take to-and-from work has straps that go over your shoulder and don’t let the bottom of the bag sweep the ground if it’s hand-carried without a hitch. According to how formal your office […]

Choose The Right Bag For Your Lifestyle

How To Choose The Right Bag For Your Lifestyle

Whenever a new season rolls around, we are looking forward to changing up our wardrobe and accessories, and certainly that includes our handbags. However with so many styles to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you? From backpack to bucket bags to the crossbody bags […]

The Crossbody Bag Trend At Fashion Week

Show You The Crossbody Bag Trend At Fashion Week

While we spotted the supermodels at Fashion Week wearing their crossbody bags shortened, we predicted the move was out of convenience. During you’re running from show to show with your essentials, you’d want your pouch to be reachable, not long and lengthened, right? Nonetheless, we’re beginning to consider the taut […]

Circle Bags

5 Handbag Trends From New York Fashion Week Fall 2016

It’s no secret that handbags are a fashion investment, however we can never seem to get enough of them. It doesn’t matter if you already have three black purses that resemble that of the classic Chanel flap bag, it is still a necessity in any woman’s wardrobe, which is why […]

Show You The Ultra Hip “Ghianda” Crossbody Bag In Black Python