Balenciaga Arena 2 Wheeled Carry On 18″ Luggage Black Leather Weekend/Travel Bag

I am a huge lover of the giant hardware, which my mother tells me resembles thimbles, but those studs deliver the bag to life. There is so much happening on the front of the bag, but it’s not overwhelming. Some say they see a face on the front of the […]

Balenciaga Jumbo Distressed Shoulder Purple Leather Weekend/Travel Bag

Under the creative leadership of Alexander Wang, who had been appointed Creative Director in 2012, the label’s reputation for pioneering and innovative design carries on, with Wang fusing the timelessly chic using the modern and cutting edge. Within the tag’s lineup of bag, Balenciaga bring the same innate femininity, sophistication […]

Balenciaga Embroidered Canvas Weekend/Travel Bag

It appears like the point has come to stay at, though, and although it’s mostly basics at this time, I wager that the offerings will enlarge if the venture is successful. Have a look at a number of our favorites in the first assortment after the hop or shop […]

Balenciaga Blowing Red Leather Weekend/Travel Bag

Another matter worth knowing about the set is that many of the pieces displayed–including a fanny pack–will benefit the World Food Programme, and Balenciaga Mens Luggage created a $250,000 donation to the company to observe the show. Have a look at the entire collection below.Over the past several years, we […]

Balenciaga Giant Studs Handbag Taupe Leather Weekend/Travel Bag

Within the label’s lineup of bag, Balenciaga bring the same innate femininity, elegance and clean lines it is famous for to a selection of exceptionally sought-after bags. Ranging from weekend bags in fine leather and suede, to trolley suitcases, Balenciaga generates its bits in vibrant colors, giving a polished finish […]

Balenciaga 299210 Hip Chevre Pochette (145161) Pink Leather Weekend/Travel Bag

Wearing a Balenciaga’s invention method to traveling in Spanish culture, to taste its purest essence: do not overlook its coloured t-shirts, soft leather coats, Arabic-style vases or elegant one-shoulder blouses. Having already dropped a string of expensive shopping bags within the last year — including June’s calfskin offering and the […]

Balenciaga Patent Leather Black Weekend/Travel Bag

Rather than infusing their collections with the stuff of “the road,” they’re pretty much offering the very same things you would get at the mall or — at Balenciaga’s case — at Ikea.In 2015, Givenchy published a set of black lace-up clunkers that looked like a replica of the iconic […]

Balenciaga Marigold + 10th Anniversary Charm Yellow Tweed Weekend/Travel Bag

Lauren is quite a lover of Balenciaga; she possesses quite a few of their brand’s bags, and many are showcased in “The Many Bags of Lauren Conrad.” In the event you have not been keeping up with all things LC recently, Lauren is currently in the midst of planning her […]

Balenciaga Arena Classic City Graffiti Large Black Leather Weekend/Travel Bag

His first collection made its debut on the weekend, and it made quite a impression.Gvasalia’s function is known primarily for its play on proportion, as well as the deconstruction and contemplation of regular, casual clothes, and he attracted a healthy dose of the to the new, together with the inclusion […]

Balenciaga Ardoise Leather Giant 21 Silver Weekend/Travel Bag

Although I have the giant hardware version, I have never considered this tote to be quite heavy. Many people today complain about the weight, but compared to a number of the bags in my group, this bag is comparatively mild for leather plus lots of hardware purse.When it comes to […]