Prada Studded Pyramid Frame Tote

We talked a lot about Prada Totes because we love them. Last time we introduced the Prada Monochrome Bag, which is a new item for this season. Today we will be featuring the Prada Pyramid Frame Bag, but this is not a new accessory. And unfortunately, you cannot find a […]


Prada Classic Bags New Prices

Noted as one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry, Prada has delivered classy and sophisticated designs that instantly penetrate the fashion world and become the must-have item for ladies around the world. Although founded back in 1913, Prada has continued to generously expand and become a highly […]


Prada Saffiano Totes ”New Arrival” March 2013 Lookbook

Fresh out from the Italian fashion house Prada, the new saffiano totes have just arrived. Introducing new versions of the BN2603, BN2578 and the BN2575. I don’t think there’s introduction needed, the bags comes with detachable shoulder strap, two leather-lined outside pockets and a Prada logo lining marked in the […]


Prada Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection

Have you always been a loyal Prada woman? If yes, we’re definitely certain that you’ll get your hands full on the newest Prada Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection for it showcases a variety of fashion forward styles and modernist oriented bags and accessories. With a contemporary sporty theme to back […]


Prada Daino Totes

Prada sure knows how to create everyday multi-functional totes that we can use on a daily basis. This Prada Diano Tote is no exception to that. With its elegant calfskin material with Daino finishing that offers a supple, pebbled texture, you’ll be giddy to tote this Daino tote over your […]


Prada Fall Winter 2018 Collection Preview

Just like the previous collection, Prada got our attention by their distinctive Fall Winter 2018 Runway Show. We’re seeing playful accessories with new figures, a lot of colors and never-seen-before handbags. Of course, there are new totes, which is something we love about Prada. The Robots and The Aliens Take […]


Durability: Prada Leather Totes

Maybe one of the strongest favorite of Prada bags would be their leather bags. Most fashion lovers who demand their bag to be durable would go for Prada. Prada’s known for its durability. There’s no doubt that the most classic bag or Prada would be the Saffiano Lux bag in […]


Prada Tiny Sequins Bag Collection

Prada just released new adorable bags including totes. You see, dark colors like black should be your next hunt, because they match to the fall and winter seasons. These new Prada’s are made from fabric, a very strong and reliable material. For the design, tiny sequins have been implemented to […]

10 Handbags Which Are Perfect For Work

Depending on how formal your office is, there are many different styles of bags that can perfectly complete your Monday through Friday wardrobe. Structured tote bags are the easiest choice, but crossbody bags, backpacks and even bucket bags can work as well. Finding the best bag for work isn’t always […]

Enjoy 5 Fashion Handbags

Now I will share 5 fashion handbags with you. Enjoy them! Louis Vuitton Twist MM. Louis Vuitton gets the prize for the cleverest fastening around, an L and a V that synch ­together. The Twist is a great little bag that actually isn’t half as little as it looks: it […]