Bottega Veneta

Shop Brand New Designs from Gucci, Chloé, Fendi and More

Since we have made it a solid one and a half week to the New Year, retailers are starting to look firmer toward the spring, even if I really look outside the window in my living room window. I will never reject the chance to think of some warming or […]


Best Bag You Can Get for $1,000 or Less from luxury Brands, 2017 Edition

A thousand dollars can be bought everyone thinks fashion is worth it, but it does not necessarily give you buy a lot from high-end designers in bags or beyond. The top brands start their bag lines between $ 900 and $ 1200 and form a “bag”, the price varies widely, […]

Show You Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier On The Art Of Stealth-wealth Dressing

A room filled with rich people can feel occasionally as the paddock on race day: they wear their swanky labels as ostentatiously as the jockey wears his silks — the logos, the only marginally less apparent “codes” of a particular house, there for all to see. But not always. “I […]

Best Designer Luggage Brands

Give You 8 Best Designer Luggage Brands

Buying a new piece of luggage can lead to some hard decisions. Many questions arise, such as what size is best for the type of traveling I do? What color best fits me? What material do I want my luggage to be? What features must the bag have? And finally, […]

Salvatore Ferragamo

List Down Your Next Season’s Accessories For You

“Bags or Shoes?” is something we’d hear often as a common question towards trendy ladies and upon being asked, you’d see them looking for the depths of their thoughts attempting difficult to choose between the two. Are you a self-confessed shoe addict or a bagaholic? Now, hush and calm down […]

Bottega Veneta In SS 2016 Collection

Bottega Veneta In SS 2016 Collection

In the  2016 collection, Bottega Veneta introduces a unique marquetry, called Intarsia—the result of a complex, harmonious pattern made of leather sections, different in shape, material and colour. This Knot clutch features this Intarsia motif, made with 184 different pieces of leather, creating a pattern that recalls Renaissance wood flooring.

Bottega Veneta’s Convertible Tote

Bottega Veneta’s Convertible Tote

Frankly speaking, we are fond of a men’s bag that does double duty, such as this canvas and leather style from Bottega Veneta. Carry it as a top-handled tote or sling it over your shoulder like a satchel, and you’ll understand why it’s our latest obsession. Discovering the perfect men’s […]

Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith Will Conquer Your World

source: Lucky Blue Smith, 17, grew up in Utah, the youngest of four, where he was scouted at the age of 10 by Next Models. After dying his hair platinum blond, his career took off and he has since walked for labels such as TomFord, Versace, Michael Kors, Etro, […]

Tomas Maier Made Bottega Veneta Back On The Map

Tomas Maier Made Bottega Veneta Back On The Map

Tomas Maier’s office in New York is surprisingly spartan. It’s surprising since Maier heads up Bottega Veneta, one of the most luxurious of luxury-goods brands. You’d wish his office to be mahogany-clad, the walls perhaps wrapped in the label’s signature intrecciato leather. Woven from strips of skin as fettuccine, and […]

In US Luxury Brands Tap Rich Chinese Students

In US Luxury Brands Tap Rich Chinese Students

Sellers of Western luxury brands eager to invest on the new wealth of Chinese consumers are showering attention on mainland students in the United States, even as sales in China falter. The strategy is paying off for some, such as the Los Angeles Beverly Centre mall, which sends buses to […]