The most famous cheap Chanel bag ever

Few design homes have gathered a purse archive as storied as Chanel’s. In the creator’s era-defining creations to Karl Lagerfeld’s after novelties, the list of iconic Chanel bags is remarkably lengthy. Here, Vogue have a peek at the very celebrated Chanel bags, clutches and cross-body bags in purse background…Coco Chanel […]

Christian Louboutin Paloma Bag

Celebs Carry On with Carry-On from Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, & Chanel

Chanel, Louis Vuitton seems this week’s loud favorites, but when they do not, really? At the same time, last week’s award season is nearing the end, which means that the designer clutch season is basically over. This is big, really makes me sad, I love a good clutch. It also […]

Chanel Framed Flap Bag Clutch

A Short History of Chanel’s bag Wild

It is not a trivial to design a bag that looks foolish and very expensive. Luxury, as a concept, very old and persistent, the fashion industry is endlessly attributed to Nielsen. In the luxury fashion do not work people, in general, you look for people jokes. Even devoted to the […]


What is a special worth: Chanel Carry Chic Bag Collection

Chanel Carry Chic Bag from Chanel 2017 spring and summer collection of behavior 1, which will undoubtedly change your package game super chic and elegant design. Together you go anywhere, this Chanel carrying a unique flap pocket is a capable person, its unique and unique style. The perfect pair of […]


Chanel Boy Bags and Luxe Neutrals For Ladies

If you’ve seen a lot of Ashley Graham recently, there are a few good reasons. She is currently popular on the cover, she recently walked into Michael Kors’ NYFW fashion show and her new face Prabal Gurung Lane Kobe collab. The worst of the annual “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit version is […]


Chanel new bag for women in 2017

Coco Chanel represents comfort, freedom and a single elegance. During his tenure, Karl Lagerfeld treated this legacy demand, combined with a measure of the spirit of the times. The results of decades of achievements, cultivate customers believe that the eternal quality. Chanel bagd can boast a sizeable cult following, that […]

Prada Esplanade Bag

This fashion bag to Valentine’s Day 2017 Gifts

Even if you like Valentine ‘s Day – I usually do – you might think it’ s old – fashioned. The metaphor of the metaphor is a bit lame adult and formal adult relationship, but if you let it yourself, it is a good chance to do something for your […]

Hermès Alligator Kelly Bag

Best Celebrity Bag Looks from Paris Haute Couture Week Spring 2017

Paris Haute Couture is coming to an end in spring 2017, which means two things: the autumn of 2017 shows just crazy, and many celebrities carry the famous handbags in Paris for the past few days. Ladies need to pay attention to these celebrity handbags. With our major fashion week […]

Chanel Crochet Flap Bag

Every Luxury Brand Sell You Luxe Straw Basket

A lot of people are looking for an independent branded text basket for the small energy department of $ 350, but the big designer line is also stuffed with straw bags from actual wicker baskets in the short-term existing designs by straw or similar materials. The grass seems innate non-luxurious, […]


Best Bag You Can Get for $1,000 or Less from luxury Brands, 2017 Edition

A thousand dollars can be bought everyone thinks fashion is worth it, but it does not necessarily give you buy a lot from high-end designers in bags or beyond. The top brands start their bag lines between $ 900 and $ 1200 and form a “bag”, the price varies widely, […]