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Hermès Crocodile Birkin

Look the Bags Kylie Jenner’s Been Carrying Lately

This is not the first time we have a strong focus on our attention in kylie jenner handbags collection. Frankly, even second or third. Most like her family, Kelly accumulates designer handbag speed, most celebrities can not or do not match. As her collection continues to expand, pocket her taste […]

Hermès Hermail Tutti-Frutti Pomme Bag

Hermail Tutti-Frutti Citron Bag that you want to buy for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Most designers create an ideal woman for some, and sometimes she changes from one season to the next, and at other times she is a constant in the visual orientation of the designer. I see bags for a living, so I usually can be a good way to identify these […]

Hermès Alligator Kelly Bag

Best Celebrity Bag Looks from Paris Haute Couture Week Spring 2017

Paris Haute Couture is coming to an end in spring 2017, which means two things: the autumn of 2017 shows just crazy, and many celebrities carry the famous handbags in Paris for the past few days. Ladies need to pay attention to these celebrity handbags. With our major fashion week […]

Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag

The Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag for women

Although I am not a fan of Hermes bags, but I understand why people like Hermes, I fully recognize their bags, on average, the objective of the world’s best when the big brands. They are beautiful and luxurious with impeccable refinement, but my personal style is often more casual and […]


Mansur Gavriel Style Continues to Gain Steam with Models

So far, we have recently discovered two lovely models carrying the same Mansour Gavriel bag. Last week, it seems that Gigi Hadid’s random whim, but this week, Karlie Klaus also carries the ladies bag. This may be a coincidence – after all, Soho pop-up boutique brands have an open now, […]


Most Expensive Hermes Handbags for Ladies

Hermes is a well-known brand named luxury, high-end brand. Known for its precious materials, the products include leather and strengthen with precious diamonds to enhance their overall appearance. Hermes offers a variety of different colored bags more appealing to people, but not everyone can afford it. Its brands are always […]

The bags are scarce, sought-after a simply the best

10 reasons to let you know why Hermès bag is well worth you to spend money

Even luxury handbags market competition is fierce, but hermes itself still occupies a certain position .  The bags are scarce, sought-after a simply the best, and they have the price tags that go along with all that exclusivity. Making the leap from being a designer handbag consumer to being an […]