Luxury Fashion Waist Packs are on sale

If you use them when you go jogging, are out on a brief hike or simply walking around enjoying the sights while travelling, belt-like waist packs offer a handy, no-fuss method to carry modest necessities. Before choosing a waist pack, take some time to contemplate what you will be using […]

Tudor, Oris and Bell & Ross are leading the blue watch renaissance guide

According to marine biologist Wallace J Nichols in his 2015 publication of the identical title, there is a neurological state called”gloomy mind” — that the measurable comfort found from being in, on or near water.Regardless of the science states, it is tempting to believe the watch industry got here first, […]

What to Wear To A Wedding

<!– 1 of 8 What to Wear to A Wedding Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy, Mike Windle Updated November 28, 2016. There are few things more nerve-wracking than deciding what to wear to a wedding. Wedding guest attire can be complicated—especially if the invitation is vague. If you have been […]

What is a ball gown? Learn the History and See Examples.

<!– 1 of 7 What is a ball gown? Photo Credit: Getty Images Updated December 13, 2016. Definition of a ball gown: A ball gown is floor-length dress to be worn to formal, black tie and white tie occasions. It is the most formal (and fancy!) type of dress, and traditionally […]

Here’s How to Look Sexy at 40—and Beyond!

<!– 1 of 6 How to Look Sexy at Any Age Photo Credit: Getty Images / Joe Scarnici Updated February 09, 2017. There are so many style Icons over 40 now that it's hard to even choose our favorites. From celebrities we love to super models from the 90s who still look […]

6 Types of Cocktail Dresses For Any Special Occasion

<!– 1 of 7 A Great Cocktail Dress Is Essential For Every Woman’s Wardrobe Photo Credit: Getty Images Updated December 14, 2016. As a woman grows up and her wardrobe grows with her, it's essential that she have a few key pieces at the ready for special occasions. The most […]

A Look Back: Michelle Obama’s Favorite Fashion Designers

<!– 1 of 19 Looking back at 8 Years of Michelle Obama’s Style Photo Credit: Getty Images, Mark Wilson Updated January 01, 2017. In her eight years as First Lady, also known in acronym speak as FLOTUS, Michelle Obama has cemented her place in history as one of the most […]

For Men: How To Use Body Measurements To Find Your Clothing Size

<!– 1 of 9 What You’ll Need To Find Your Measurements Tailor Anthony Sinclair fitting Scottish actor Sean Connery for one of the suits he will wear in the film ‘From Russia With Love’, Mayfair, London, 1963. Photo Credit: Getty Images / United Artists Updated December 09, 2016. As a […]

The Best Dresses To Wear To Your New Year’s Eve Party

<!– 1 of 8 Need a Dress for New Year’s Eve? Photo Credit: Getty Images: Jamie McCarthy / Staff Updated December 14, 2016. It's the very last fashion question of the year, and often one of the toughest to answer: What should I wear on New Year's Eve? Dressing for […]

How To Wear A Vest All Year Long: 10 Stylish Ideas

<!– 1 of 18 How to Wear a Vest As The Ultimate Layering Tool Photo Credit: Getty Images: Kirstin Sinclair, Daniel Zuchnik Updated February 20, 2017. This time of year, many women spend time wondering how to wear a vest in a stylish way. Vests are understandably a somewhat intimidating […]