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Omega watches, high-quality steel belt style recommended

The spring is blooming and the weather is about to heat up. Recently, there are a lot of watch friends who recommended watches by the master, saying that they were worn for summer. It must be steel belt, preferably the style of a big brand. So, today, mechanical mens watch […]

The best choice for watches with a price of 20,000 to 60,000 yuan!

There are many brands of watches, which will inevitably make people dazzled. But the price positioning of each brand series is actually very clear. They have clear market segments. Ordinary people wear watches, the most important price range is generally less than 20,000 yuan and 20,000-70,000 yuan. Today, let ’s […]

The most basic self-winding watch countdown, a variety of categories.

IWC has always been called a man’s watch. Since its establishment in 1868, it has experienced more than a century of development and has been prominent in the world with extraordinary technology and superb craftsmanship. IWC is also one of the most popular Swiss watch brands in China. From the […]

Don’t wear outdated watches, look at this skeleton watch

The stylish and beautiful watch has a high style, its personalized appearance, generous and decent, and highlights the sense of hierarchy. It is indispensable for you. The reason why I recommend this watch to everyone is that I feel good after wearing it. Friends, with the help of watches, it […]

Is your mechanical watch shockproof? These are knowledge

Is your mechanical watch shockproof? When it comes to watches, you have to talk about mechanical watches. The watchmaking page of the skeleton watch is actually not native to Switzerland, and the watchmaking process initially relied almost entirely on manual operations. We generally buy watches that are more optimistic about […]


There is no best watch, only the watch that suits you

Many people will always ask others before buying a watch, what watch quality is the best, within a certain price range, buy a mechanical watch or a quartz watch. However, I think that each type of watch has its own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said which type is […]

Need to understand the maintenance knowledge of brand watches.

Brand watches are very precise chronograph instruments, so the price is higher. In order to extend the service life of skeleton watches as much as possible, we need to understand the maintenance knowledge of brand watches.Wearing mechanical watches is a fashion and an attitude. More and more people like to […]