The black mamba is the most basic of the three

The Black Mamba is the version out of the three. It consisted with minute and hour markers. Its bezel is engraved with numerals and is made of materials like ceramic, ceramic, and rubberized. Even though it’s thought of as the basic version, it is regarded limited. In fact, Nubeo sold only 810 bits of the model. What’s up with the amount? This was roughly the impressive 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors at January 2006 of Kobe.
The Black Mamba Ultimate is the middle ground of the models that are basic and MVP. This one introduces stones on the chapter ring while it has the numerals on the bezel. The jewels on the watch were whiskey sapphires diamonds, sapphires that are orange and sapphires. This was limited to just 240 pieces while the model was confined to pieces that were 810.
The most premium and also the rarest of them all is the Black Mamba MVP. Even Kobe Bryant himself was seen wearing this view a few times! The chapter ring of the dial of the watch has 48 baguette-cut gems. The best chronograph sub-dials have 72 sapphire round brilliant-cut stones that are black. Lastly, the watch bezel has 48 baguette-cut whiskey sapphires. In total, it contains 168 stone with 10.98 carats! Being the top-of-the-line model, it was offered by them in just 24 units. It is uncertain whether Kobe’s personal unit is contained in the 24. And the amount of bits was in homage.