The most basic self-winding watch countdown, a variety of categories.

IWC has always been called a man’s watch. Since its establishment in 1868, it has experienced more than a century of development and has been prominent in the world with extraordinary technology and superb craftsmanship. IWC is also one of the most popular Swiss watch brands in China. From the most basic self-winding watch countdown, there are various types. This Portofino series watch is one of the most popular IWC entry-level watches, and it is the most valuable basic watch product in the IWC with the Pilot Mark family. The domestic price of the watch is 33,500, the design is classic and the brand is famous, and there are many people recognized, so this mens mechanical watch has always been very popular.
The IWC Little Prince Special Edition is one of the most popular watches now. This watch has several characteristics. First, the IWC brand has a good reputation and the brand is tall enough; followed by the pilot series The watch design is outstanding, professional, very manly, and attractive to young people. Third, it has an automatic winding chronograph function and a week calendar display, which can be rich in functions and looks more complicated. More high-end.
The Portuguese series is a very popular series in IWC, and this chronograph is one of the most coveted mens sports watches in the Portuguese series. The precision timekeeping tradition of the Portuguese series of watches comes from the various precision navigation instruments used by the big navigators when exploring the world. , The timing can be accurate to a quarter of a second, and this self-winding movement can provide 44 hours of power storage