There is no best watch, only the watch that suits you

Many people will always ask others before buying a watch, what watch quality is the best, within a certain price range, buy a mechanical watch or a quartz watch. However, I think that each type of watch has its own advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be said which type is the best, but only which type is suitable for itself, that is the best.
Quartz watches are relatively simple and atmospheric, and the dial is relatively thin. Although the style is not very novel and there are not many functions, some differences can be seen in the subtleties. Many people like this relatively simple watch, which is more capable and stable when worn, and it is better to match clothing. This depends on the material and workmanship.
Let’s talk about mechanical models. Mechanical watches are the most complicated type of watches because of their complicated internal structure parts and appearance design. Like Stuhrling mechanical watches, skeleton dials, mechanical parts interlaced with each other, like a precision instrument, whether it is the dial lines or the manufacture of internal parts, including the functions of the sun and moon stars and the dual time zone, the details are handled very well It is also more practical.