What Your Diaper Bag Says About You?

Diaper Bag

What you pack in your bag says a lot about who you are. That’s why we partnered with Plum Organics on this post — their range of baby snacks aid keep our little ones healthy and happy from the inside out and are a delicious apart from any diaper bag.

They say you can tell something about a person through what she wears, but what about the bag she carries? An essential staple in a mom’s accessory arsenal is a trusty diaper bag. And when diaper bags have come a long way in terms of style and function, the best diaper bag is the one you want to carry, hence lots of moms opt for a bag that fits their lifestyle and taste.

What does your bag say about you? We dissect a few common types and styles to demonstrate diaper bags can be an extension of your personality.

The Put-Together Mom

The style is so fierce it hurts. If you couldn’t tell that this chic black (monogrammed!) functional diaper satchel was owned by the most stylish mom on the block, let me break it down for you.

Let’s begin with this amazing blanket wrap that could easily double as a breastfeeding cover or a blanket for your babe. Add in the cool sunglasses, mini manicure kit, a chubby stick, and a spray hand sanitizer that doubles as a body mist as well, and you’ve got a considerably great kit for a chic mom on the go. For baby, there’s the cutest plush lovey and Plum Organics Super Puffs, which are both healthy and easy to eat. No mess, no stress.

Diaper Bag

The Voice-of-Reason Mom

The embroidered diaper bag in the most neutral and calming of tones kicks off the vibe for the mom who knows exactly how to find her Zen. We’d expect to find tons of extra onesies, easy-to-grab eats like a Plum Organics Broccoli & Apple pouch, and maybe even a swaddle to double as a play blanket, and fun toys keep kids busy. Thanks to you know — this mom completely has her day in order and is prepared for whatever life brings her. Toss in some scented (and calming) hand sanitizers, and you’ve got one happy mom.

 Diaper Bag

The Mom on the Go

This cute striped diaper bag is owned by a mom who has a day packed with different activities for her and her kids. Take this helpful mini emergency kit, for example — it takes care of whatever dramatics may happen, wherever they happen, while a box of your little one’s favorite snacks can curb hangry tantrums any time of day.

The spray hand sanitizer, handy notebook, a lovey, warm socks, and mini makeup essentials for quick touch-ups round out these mom-on-the-move daily essentials.

Diaper Bag

The Ready-For-Anything Mom

For a mom who’s seen it all and is ready for whatever life throws at her, a versatile diaper bag is a must. However it’s the stuff she puts in it that makes all the difference. For example, a receiving blanket can double as a scarf, an umbrella can be good for rain or shine, and the mini emergency kit helps manage any cuts and scrapes that may occur out in the world. Toss in a couple pouches of baby food for eating on the go, and you’re pretty much set.

Diaper Bag

The Mom That Loves the Gym

Without breaking a sweat, you could tell this sporty yoga bag is owned by a mom with fitness on her mind.

The compact tote takes on double diaper duty when stuffed with diapers, wipes, and a green smoothie-inspired Plum Organics pouch for the little one, along with dry shampoo, face and body mist, a clean shirt, and a face trio for quick post-workout touch-ups.

Diaper Bag